Fountains of Use
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Life After Death

CD recorded in 1983-1984 at

    Hyde Street Studios,

  Dangerous Rhythm Studios        

and live from club Graffiti

    with KUSF interview. 

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 Way Out West
     7 inch Vinyl!!
Side A - Way Out West
Side B - So Dear
     Recorded at: 
Dangerous Rhythm Studio
  by F o u n t a i n s   o f   U s e

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The F o u n t a i n s   o f   U s e 7 inch single Way Out West, has the original picture sleeve from 1983 and the original 7 inch vinyl 45 rpm record with label graphics, all pictured above and below. The record was recorded and mixed at Dangerous Rhythm Studio in Oakland, California by Matt Wallace, and mastered at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California. Side A: Way Out West and Side B: So Dear were written and produced by F o u n t a i n s   o f   U s e with David Doucet on vocal and bass, Scott Maxson on drums, and Johnny Deatherage on guitar.